On Site Airport Parking

On Site Airport Car Park services are normally official airport car parks that are within the airport boundaries. These are the multi-storey car parks you see close to the airport terminal when you arrive at the airport, although some smaller airports may have single level outdoor on site parking.

Many airports have both long stay and short stay versions of on site parking, some even with medium stay. The difference between them is not the length of your stay though but more the distance from the terminal, with short stays being very close to the terminal and long stays further out near the edge of the airport boundaries. However short stay car parks are the more expensive options so to stay in a long stay for longer periods could save a lot of money which is probably why the are named as such.

On site airport car parks usually let you self park and take your own keys, some however may ask you to park in an allocated bay and give them the keys so they can park in other spaces in the vast car park, this also helps you not get lost on the way to the terminal. These car parks are also normally very close to the terminal so you can just walk in, be aware however there are a few that are on the edge of the airport boundaries and require a shuttle bus so please read the car park description before you purchase.

Security at on site airport car parks is obviously very high as it is managed by the airport themselves. Usually with 24 hour staff to help customer and monitor the parking area these car parks have many different security features including number plate recognition barriers, cctv and security guards.

Many of the on site airport car parks we use have the Park Mark Award which is a police backed initiative to make parking safer and more secure for customers. This award is not only given for security but also looks at how well the car park is maintained and safe the environment is kept for pedestrians walking to their car and vehicles moving in it. If one of the on site airport car parks we provide does not have the Park Mark Award they will most likely be in the process of applying.

Trusted Travel go above and beyond other providers in our industry in making sure your experience of our services at the on site airport car parks we offer is stress free and enjoyable. We strive to give you the information you need to choose the best parking option from the services we provide. The Trusted Score uses many variables including previous customer experiences and our own spot check results to give you a balanced and fair evaluation of each individual on site airport parking service. This is just another way in which Trusted Travel is constantly adapting and innovating to provide our customers with the best on site airport parking solutions.

Trusted Travel also places a massive emphasis on our customer service and we will to do everything in our power to get the right result for you with any issues you may have with our service providers. Unlike other companies in our industry Trusted Travel see ourselves as an agent for the customer not the car park provider and we will also do our best to help you with any concerns you may have. You can be well assured that Trusted Travel will go well and above the industry benchmark to make sure you have the best and safest experience using our services.

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