Meet and Greet Airport Parking

The Meet and Greet airport parking (sometimes called airport valet parking) option is pretty much the most convenient form of arriving at the airport terminal you can use. You drive your own car right up to the meeting point which is usually outside the terminal. You then give your keys to the allocated chauffeur and then walk into the terminal while your car is parked for you in a secure car park.

Meet and Greet parking options are usually one of the more expensive services we offer because of the closeness to the terminal however they may still be cheaper than on site official airport parking as your car is moved to an off site car park. An example of this is the Manchester Airport parking option of the Ringway Meet and Greet Service which can be a lot cheaper than the official Manchester Airport on site multi-storey car parks.

Trusted Travel Meet and Greet Airport Parking

After you have handed over your keys and taken your luggage your car is then taken to a secure and safe car park to await your return. The car park normally monitor your flight so they are ready for your call to meet them outside the terminal so they can hand you back your car. The meet and greet car parks our providers keep your car in are checked by us to make sure they perform to our high standards. Security is of great importance in these locations and some common security measures include security fences, 24 hour CCTV, security guards, number plate recognition barriers and monitoring 24 hours a day by staff.

Many of the meet and greet airport car parks we use have the Park Mark Award which is a police backed initiative to make parking safer and more secure for customers. This award is not only given for security but also looks at how well the car park is maintained and safe the environment is kept for pedestrians walking to their car and vehicles moving in it. If one of the meet and greet airport car parks we provide does not have the Park Mark Award they will most likely be in the process of applying.

Trusted Travel go a step further in making sure you experience high quality service in the meet and greet airport car parks we provide. We aim to make it as easy as possible for you to pick the most suitable car parking option to match your requirements. The Trusted Score uses many variables including previous customer experiences and our own spot check results to give you a balanced and fair evaluation of each individual airport parking service. This is just another way in which Trusted Travel is constantly adapting and innovating to provide our customers with the best meet and greet airport parking solutions.

Trusted Travel also places a massive emphasis on our customer service we will endeavour to do anything we can to resolve any issues you may have with any of our Park and Ride service providers. Unlike other companies in our industry Trusted Travel see ourselves as an agent for the customer not the service provider and we will also do our best to alleviate and answer any concerns you may have. You can be well assured that Trusted Travel will go well and above the industry benchmark to make sure you have the best and safest experience using our services.

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