Safest Places in England And Wales To Park Your Car

Safest Places in England And Wales To Park Your Car

Category: Trusted Travel Tips

Date Posted: 20/10/2017

Beth Kemp
Marketing Executive & Travel Writer

Safest Cities To Park Your Car


Ever wondered how safe it is to park your car at an airport? Of course you have otherwise you probably wouldn’t be reading this! Well, we have something you might find interesting, so read on…


We recently stumbled upon a little online tool that colour-codes England And Wales based on known car crime. It uses 6 months of data from the Home Office harvested between Nov 2016 to April 2017 to show you on an interactive map, just how safe any given location is, in terms of registered vehicle crime anyway.


As you would expect, we were eager to check out the streets we ourselves lived on first to see how safe our own neighbourhoods were, but then we thought, “I wonder what information there is for airport car parks..?”


It goes without saying that what we did next was search airports in England And Wales (that had more than half a million passengers last year) to bring you this list of the safest airports to park near in the UK. Bear in mind that these results are not related to any specific car park, merely the approximate area in general, and of course you should take this with a pinch of salt as big cities and airports will inevitably have more traffic, and therefore, more registered vehicle crime.


We’ve based the results on an index that takes into account the approximate level of traffic at each airport to give you a slightly more accurate leaderboard, but also it’s just a bit of casual interest!


We know you’ll choose your parking wisely to ensure you have peace of mind and naturally you’re at liberty to check out the tool yourself, so here we go…



The Safest Airport In The UK To Park Your Car Is…  London Gatwick

Gatwick is a huge airport carrying well over 40 million passengers a year, but it has a relatively low crime rate, hence the crowning glory in our little test!



The Least Safe Airport To Park Your Car Is… London Southend

Don’t let this unfortunate award scare you, remember the score is index-based, and Southend is a great airport growing in size every year, with very low crime rates.



The Safest Place to Park Your Car At The Airport Leaderboard Top To Bottom Is…


1: London Gatwick

2: Bristol

3: Manchester  

4: London Stansted

5: Newcastle

6: London Heathrow

7: London Luton

8: Leeds Bradford

9: Exeter

10: East Midlands

11: Cardiff

12: London City

13: Liverpool

14: Bournemouth

15: Southampton

16: Birmingham

17: Norwich

18: Robin Hood (Doncaster Sheffield)

19: London Southend


And in terms of the actual number of car crimes, best performing to worst...

1: Exeter

2: Norwich

3: Bournemouth

4: Cardiff

5: Leeds Bradford

6: Newcastle

7: Bristol

8: Southampton

9: Robin Hood (Doncaster Sheffield)

10: London Southend

11: East Midlands

12: London City

13: Liverpool

14: London Luton

15: Manchester

16: London Stansted

17: London Gatwick 

18: Birmingham

19:  London Heathrow


Try the tool for yourself HERE 

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