My Favourite Places In Cornwall (ish)

My Favourite Places In Cornwall (ish)

Category: Trusted Travel Tips

Date Posted: 19/10/2017

Beth Kemp
Marketing Executive & Travel Writer


I’m a huge personal fan of Cornwall. Having gone there almost every year for the last 30 years I’ve got to know it well and have enjoyed many of the coastal locations along the north and south coast. Below are a few towns and activities which I hold dear, and I am certain you will feel the same!

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Milky Way - Clovelly*

Indoor soft play area that’s built for adults. That’s all I need to say!

Seriously, the Time Warp as they call it is a really fun soft play area great for kids and big enough for adults too. There’s a huge vertical slide, I mean scarily huge, and all the usual things you expect to find in a soft play, just bigger.

As well as this you can find roller coasters, bumper cars, outdoor activities, live shows with birds of prey, it really is a great day out, probably the most fun thing you can do with your family in Cornwall.

21 Mile Drive - Exmoor National Park*

As the name suggests, this is a 21 mile road route around Exmoor Park.

On a good weather day the views are breathtaking, though there are some tricky sections to navigate so make sure you are a confident on the roads!

You’ll see plenty of the coast, rocky hills, quaint little towns, horses running about… As they say, words and pictures can only tell part of the story...


Fowey is a little town where the Estuary meets the sea, just to the east of St Austell Bay on the south coast.

I’d recommend parking at the top of town as roads down below are steep, narrow and pedestrianised. Here you can find little boutique shops, cafes and lovely scenery. You may get to see a gargantuan cruise ship docked up at certain times too, which in itself is a bizarre experience for a town so small.

It’s a great example of lesser known Cornwall, though don’t expect it to be deserted!

Mill Bay Beach - Salcombe*

Ahhhh, Salcombe… I swear that even on the worst of winter days, Salcombe remains Mediterranean in climate. I’ve only been sunburnt twice, and one of those times was at Mill Bay Beach (the other was in South America).

Most people who know of Salcombe think of the town, which is beautiful and has lovely places to eat and browse. You get a great view of Kingsbridge Estuary from town which is alway busy with boatlife. It’s a popular spot for dinghy racing as well as cruising.

But my favourite part is most definitely the other side of the estuary, which can be driven to directly or accessed by a tiny little wooden motorboat on the town side for a small fee. This side is far quieter, has a deep and narrow sandy beach which is covered by rock on either side, and a little cliffside outdoor cafe just a short walk up the road. The road leading to the beach is a dead end consisting of a car park which isn’t normally full up, though in recent years the town has become a lot more popular.  

You can spend the entire day on the beach here, or go on one of the amazing walks (not for sufferers of vertigo!), and it’s a simple hop onto the motor boat for lunch in town if you so wish. Bliss.

The Coombe Barton Inn - Crackington Haven

Crackington Haven is a lovely quiet place, there are only two roads in, both leaning steeply down to the bay which has a cafe and a pub (The Coombe Barton) serving good food.

The beach is vast and sandy, with jagged rocks to either side, giving you a real perspective of space. You can take (quite hard going) walks up either side of the cliffs to gain an astonishing view of the sea and surrounding areas.

Further up the hill (about 2 miles) there is a little farm called Trevigue which is noted in the Doomsday Book and does classy evening meals (which you should pre-book).

Dogs are allowed out of season, and I highly recommend this place if you need to clear your mind and cleanse your spirit!

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*Technically Devon, I know.

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