Desert Inspiration

Desert Inspiration

Category: Trusted Travel Tips

Date Posted: 22/05/2017

Beth Kemp
Marketing Executive & Travel Writer

Deserts Of The World

Since it’s May and the sun is boiling I thought, wouldn’t it be really really clever to do a blog about the desert, so I did.

Not a typical ‘best/worst/hottest/driest/sandiest’ list, rather, I’ve pretty much just Googled a few things (and added experiences from people in the office so it’s not a total hack job) to bring you, ‘The Average Joe’s Guide To Some Interesting Desert Stuff’.  If it saves you an hour then it’s done it’s job! You’re welcome!

Go Dune Buggying And Spot Aliens In Peru

Ica is about 4 hours drive south of Peru’s capital, Lima. It’s a hot desert environment with plenty of oasis style hotels and some luxury ones too. While you’re there you have a great choice of activities like visiting Lake Titicaca, the Galapagos Islands, speed boating etc… But my favourite would be flying over the Nazca Lines in a tiny light aircraft! It’s an absolute thrill and not something you can experience anywhere else, so give it a try and see how many of the ancient drawings you can spot (for example, the astronaut/alien). Also worth a shout is dusk ride over the huge dunes in a piloted buggy. It’s terrifying, but you’ll be so glad to did it and you can even stop for a spot of sand boarding at the same time!

Visit The Film Set Of Indiana Jones And The Last Crusade

Petra is a 2,000 year old city in Jordan where you can visit the Al Khazneh, the 45m high carving set into red mountain rock deep in a valley. It’s also where the end scenes of George Lucas’ Indiana Jones And The Last Crusade were filmed. There are of course a heap of other great things to do in Petra, but this would be my favourite excursion! Indy, Henry, follow me, outta the way, HAAAA!  

Ride Camels Across The Sahara

Continuing the Hollywood movie vibe, scenes from Gladiators and Star Wars (and plenty more besides) were filmed in the Sahara so why not book yourself an awesome camel ride and go see them. You can also book yourself a night in the desert to add to the experience. The Sahara is rather large, so there are lots of places to start depending on what you fancy. But whatever you decide, book yourself a camel, it’s way more fun than Uber!

Win Big In Nevada

Lake Tahoe… Mojave Desert… ...Sierra Nevada… Carson City… Death Valley… Spend some time in Nevada and you’ll rack up a whole heap of sites that are super cool and great conversation starters. You can road trip and get a taste for Vegas while you’re there if you fancy it, take a helicopter flight over the Grand Canyon, it’s really up to you. I love Nevada because it’s not typically what one thinks of when someone mentions the word ‘desert’, but it has some really great sights (even if some of them aren’t technically in Nevada, they’re close enough!)

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