How To Avoid Dodgy Airport Car Parks For Good

How To Avoid Dodgy Airport Car Parks For Good

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Date Posted: 10/07/2018

Kittie Brooks
Travel Writer

How To Avoid Dodgy Airport Car Parks For Good

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We’ve all seen or read about it before, hundreds of holidaymakers’ cars left in muddy fields and residential streets by rogue airport parking firms of questionable authority... Lost keys, windows open, dents, excessive mileage, broken windscreens… It’s a mess.

No doubt you’ll have heard about (or experienced) at least one occurrence of foul play at the hands of an airport parking service. So why do some airport parking companies manage to get it so wrong, and why isn’t anyone doing anything about it?

The industry is largely unregulated, so anyone can run an off site airport car park regardless of their business history, trustworthiness, or competence. So you’ve as much chance of picking next weeks lottery numbers as you have knowing which airport car park is the safest bet, because they’ll all tell you they are.

Common Mistakes Made By Airport Parking Companies

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Of course, no one would suggest anyone starts an airport parking company with the sole intent to con people, but many believe it is an easy business to run and they tend to learn their lessons through practice. A small new business that might only have space for say 20-30 cars could see hundreds of bookings pile in almost immediately. Good for them you might think, but the truth is that they’re massively oversubscribed before they even get started. This is why so many businesses start and end within a few months every summer.

So what can these companies do when they get it wrong? Apologise, refund their customers and take the hit? Try in vain to accommodate the overwhelming demand, get it horribly wrong and end up with a tonne of bad press and several legal battles? Or close the business down and disappear with thousands of pounds in their back pocket?

The dangerous combination of an unregulated industry and unregulated public information means hell for consumers as inexperienced traders shut down and reopen and rename businesses which look great on the surface, but often just repeat the same mistakes.

And one cannot ignore the other end of the scale, the fact that well-established and long-standing parking firms also go bust seemingly out of the blue, so it’s doubly hard to know which car park to choose.

How Can I Find An Airport Car Park I Can Trust?

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Trusted Travel have been changing the parking game over the last couple of years, showing rapid growth is a result of our mission to ‘fix’ the industry and place the power in the hands of the customer, by meticulously regulating car parks for your benefit. Since launch Trusted Travel has maintained a 9.3/10 Trust Pilot rating and addressed the two biggest issues in airport parking – lack of consumer knowledge and after sales support.

What is the Trusted Score?

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Think of it like a credit score for car parks. It’s a clever algorithm that weights, indexes and crunches numbers to provide car parks with a score out of 99. It is based on (but not limited to) customer and external review scores which are weighted against the reviewers own authority, which in turn is based on their volume and reliability (to prevent review fraud), mashed up with a series of factual statistics like distance, price, bounce rate, complaints resolution and accessibility. This all happens in real time and keeps a close eye on everyone. And if a company’s score drops below the bar, they automatically disappear from the website.

This is a game changer that provides customers with the most honest and transparent view possible of a chosen car park. We do this to cement our relationship with you, the customer, and to ensure the good guys of the parking industry are not unfairly tarnished with the ‘dodgy brush’ by the media. Which is also why we have the slogan “Agent For The Customer”

Trusted Scores are live on now!

And the Trusted Promise?

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The Trusted Promise leads on from the ‘agent for the customer’ approach. It’s our pledge to act in the customers best interests at all times, from the car parks we sell to the colour of our wallpaper! It is our vow to the customer to never break trust and to see you right throughout every situation good or bad, and to achieve and maintain a 0.00% unresolved complaints ratio. You’ll never be passed onto anyone else, you’ll never be left hanging, and in most cases your queries will be dealt with in minutes.

You’ll struggle to find better customer service values anywhere in the world let alone in the parking industry, so next time you travel, check out Trusted Travel and give yourself a pat on the back for getting something right. And why not book a two-way airport lounge while you’re at it?

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