Top 13 Essential Travel Accessories

Top 13 Essential Travel Accessories

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Date Posted: 24/10/2017

Beth Kemp
Marketing Executive & Travel Writer

Top 13 Travel Accessories

We have come up with our top 13 travel gadgets to make your journey more fun and relaxing. You will now be able to leave the airport car park looking forward to all the stages of your journey instead of just the end of it. Some items are for extra security and peace of mind while others are to improve your experience and relaxation in the departure lounge or in flight. If anything grabs your fancy click the links or image for a closer look on

1) Bluesmart One - Smart luggage - £361.00

Ever had your luggage lost by an airline? There aren?t many other problems that can cause as much hassle at the beginning of your holiday as this. If travelling with partners or family one way to decrease the chance of this is to split your belongings between each others cases. Another more sure way is the Bluesmart One International Luggage with GPS.

This could soon be the new standard for all luggage allowing you to track the location of your suitcase anywhere in the world, so if the airline loses it or thieves steal it, you will be able to find it and track it down. This suitcase also has an inbuilt scale to allow you to instantly weigh your case to your airline?s rules and a supercharger to charge all of your electronic devices.

Bluesmart One - Smart Luggage: Click for more info
Smart Luggage for travel use in airports with its own GPS

2) eGeeTouch Smart Travel Padlock - £37.99

Smart Travel padlock to keep belongings safe in the aiport

Costing much less than the Bluesmart One Smart Luggage, this eGeeTouch padlock can also give much needed extra security to your belongings. With expensive things such as IPAD?s and E-readers in your hand luggage a smart padlock gives you the extra security you need. The padlock uses bluetooth on your smartphone to unlock so you don?t need to remember another code alongside all the other passwords we need in modern life. The vicinity tracking technologies also warn the user when their luggage is moved away from them without their permission. This padlock feature can also be useful in flight as bluetooth can be switched on with airplane mode. The Padlock also holds historical data of where it was opened and who by every time it is unlocked.

eGeeTouch® Smart Travel Padlock : Click for more info

3) RAVPower Solar Charger - £42.49

Running out of power on long flights can be a problem, especially if you need your device to help you at the other end before you can recharge it. A lightweight Solar Powered Power Bank is a great way to solve this problem as well as being environmentally friendly. You could even use this at home to save on power bills.

RAVPower UK RP-PC005(B) Solar Charger : Click for more info
Solar powered charger for usb devices while on holiday or traveling, the airport or in flight

4) Bose Quiet Comfort Headphones - £329.95

Noise cancelling headphones great for airport, in flight or on holiday

To avoid the annoying stressful sounds of the airport or inflight these are the best noise cancelling headphones available at the moment. No longer will you have to hear kids screaming while you listen to your music or the person next to you snoring or breathing darth vader style in your ear. These headphones produce a fantastic clear sound for your music or tv/movies and they also come with an airline adapter for watching inflight movies. The padded headphones are very comfortable on the ears and cancel out all exterior sounds giving you more ability to relax and enjoy your journey.

Bose QuietComfort 35 Wireless Headphones : Click for more info

5) True Wireless Earbuds - £26.99

Cheaper but still effective solution, Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds are a great way to tune out the stress of travelling and pass time listening to your favourite music. These earbuds are designed to decrease and stop the noise levels from other passengers (snoring, crying, arguing, etc?) allowing you to enjoy a more relaxing journey. These wireless earbuds also avoid time spent untangling wires which is a big benefit when in limited space on aircraft.

True Wireless Earbuds : Click for more info
Noise cancelling earbuds for travel including airports in flight and on holiday

6) FREETOO luggage scale - £6.99

Luggage scale to avoid problems in the airport can be sed anywhere including airport car park

Something very cheap and simple but that can save you a lot of money at the check in desk. A digital luggage scale is a very convenient way of making sure your luggage conforms to your airline?s weight rules. This avoids the embarrassing moment of having to open cases and rearrange them at the check in desk. This scale is very light so can be taken away with you for the return journey also and is highly accurate.

FREETOO Luggage Scale : Click for more info

7) WILTOP Memory Foam Travel Pillow - £15.99

Got a long flight or suffer from neck ache even on short flights? A travel pillow is a great way of alleviating this and allowing a much more comfortable journey. This memory foam pillow is so much more comfortable than the blow up ones, giving greater support to the upper back and neck. The pillow is designed to be easily packed away compactly so does not take up much space in hand luggage.

WiLTOP Travel Memory Foam Pillow : Click for more info
travel pillow for use in the airport or in flight

8) Bedtime Bliss Eye Mask - £8.90

Eye mask for use in flight to aid relaxation

Free eye masks from the airline never really full cut out the light from my experience while they also feel slightly uncomfortable. This does not really help with the process of relaxing and falling asleep. The Bedtime Bliss Sleep Masks are designed cut light sources much more efficiently and are still low cost. The Sleep Masks also give more space around the eyelids putting less pressure on the eyes and allowing them to be opened and closed in the mask. This allows you to experience a more relaxing journey and help you arrive at your destination more rested and ready for action.

Eye Mask / Sleep Mask : Click for more info

9) GOX Cozy-Soft Travel Blanket - £16.99

Blankets are a real comfort on flights over a couple of hours as air conditioning reduces the temperature on aircraft. This can increase the chance of stiffness, reduce relaxation and increase tiredness on the flight. The GOX Travel Blanket will help keep you warmer and more comfortable while it may also be much more hygienic than reused blankets handed out on aircraft.

GOX Cozy-Soft Travel Blanket : Click for more info
Soft Warm Travel Blanket for use in flight

10) Trunki Ride-On Suitcase - £37.99

Trunki Ride-On Suitcase great for moving from the airport car park or around the airport and can be used to store belongings but still be accessible in flight

Stop your kids feeling bored with these great luggage styled ride on toys. The suitcase can be packed with the child?s favourite toys to keep them entertained while allowing them to ride along on their favourite animal or dinosaur. The Trunki is made from the same lightweight durable plastic as adult cases and is hand luggage styled so can be accessed throughout the whole journey to help avoid the unwanted tantrums of our small passengers.

Trunki Ride-on Suitcase - Trunkisaurus Rex : Click for more info

11) Apple Ipad - £322.00

The Apple IPAD needs little introduction, they are great to have on a long journey allowing you to watch movies or your favourite series, work on anything urgent and many other uses including giving you the ability to play over a million app games. The IPAD also has airplane mode to allow it to be used safely in flight. This is probably one of the most successful items in alleviating boredom as it has so many uses, it is guaranteed to have something for everyone.

The price above is for the newest IPAD at the time of this article but there are older models which can be bought for cheaper.

Apple iPad 9.7-Inch : Click for more info
Apple IPAD great for use in flight, the airport any time waiting around airport car parks or at your destination

12) Kindle E-reader - £229.99

Kindle E-reader for use in the airport on the beach in flight or anywhere else

The ultimate reading accessory which once again has been available for years but is still unbeaten. Forget taking 5 books on holiday which take up loads of luggage space, one of these sleek E-readers will do it all. There are millions of books available for kindles catering to any taste, the technology of the screen allows reading in sunlight and the dark so you don?t need to keep others awake in flight or at your destination. One of the main new features on this Kindle is that it is waterproof up to 2 metres so can take being dropped in the pool or hot tub. Another great feature is that you can listen to audiobooks on it to give your eyes a rest. There are over 200,000 audiobooks available and this along with the other great features of the kindle make it almost an essential travel companion.

All-New Kindle Oasis E-reader : Click for more info

13) TomTom Sat Nav - £129.99

TomToms have been around for a long time now but are still invaluable in helping avoid stress and time wasting when traveling to your airport car park or when driving abroad. Most of us will have had journeys made stressful by arguments over directions with partners especially when there are time constraints. These TomToms help to avoid this and make the journey much more relaxed not just for the driver but whoever else is in the car.

TomToms are simple to use from the start, easily updated and very reliable. This version has pre-loaded maps for the UK, Republic of Ireland and the rest of Western Europe. Other areas such as North America can also be easily downloaded from the website for a small fee so wherever you are headed you will have accurate and reliable directions.

TomTom : Click for more info
Tom Tom Satellite Navigation for use getting to the airport car park or other destinations more easily

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