Summer Holiday Flight Delays

Summer Holiday Flight Delays

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Date Posted: 29/06/2017

Beth Kemp
Marketing Executive & Travel Writer

Summer Holidays: The Worst Time Of The Year For Flight Delays

On Tuesday 27 June 2017, the BBC stated that 1 in 5 flights to popular destinations were delayed by more than 30 minutes between June and September 2016, London being the worst for delay time, and this did not include cancelled flights.

The average delay was 21 minutes with the worst case being 779 minutes (Manchester To Dusseldorf), and Gatwick had the highest percentage of delays with 30% of all flights being delayed by over 30 minutes..

June is the most likely month for delays and Europe accounted for three quarters of last summers flight delays, followed by Ghana, Canada, US, Israel, Ukraine and Pakistan.

Steve Power (a radio presenter) said: "It's the total lack of information as to why there is a delay. So many social platforms and nothing but estimated time of departure updated. Other passengers were equally in the dark and shared the exasperation over the lack of detailed information.

"Surely in these days of social media platforms a little more transparency would go a long way in raising passenger confidence in the service."

Claiming Compensation For Flight Delays

EU law states that you have the right to compensation if your flight arrives more than 3 hours late by fault of the airline.

The airline also has a duty of care when flights are delayed for example providing food, water and amenities especially when flights are delayed overnight. If you end up paying for these kinds of items surrounding a flight delay, keep your receipts as you may be able to claim back on them.

Use our free flight delay checker here to see if you are due compensation

Check out the full BBC article here.

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