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Trusted Travel specializes in UK airport parking services, covering major airports such as Manchester, Gatwick, Heathrow, Stansted, and East Midlands, as well as all other airports across the UK. The platform allows travelers to compare and book parking spaces at these airports, making it easier for them to find convenient and affordable parking options for their trips.

How Trusted Travel Helps You Choose Airport Parking:

  1. Price Comparison: Trusted Travel enables users to compare prices for different airport parking options, ensuring they find the best deals available.

  2. Meet and Greet Parking: This service allows customers to have their vehicles picked up at the airport terminal by a valet, who then parks the car in a secure location. Upon their return, the car is delivered back to them at the terminal.

  3. Park and Ride Parking: With park and ride parking, customers drive to a designated parking lot near the airport, where a shuttle service transports them to the airport terminal. On their return, the shuttle takes them back to the parking lot to collect their vehicle.

  4. Onsite and Offsite Options: Trusted Travel covers both parking facilities located directly on airport premises (onsite) and those located nearby (offsite), giving travelers a wide range of choices.

  5. Best Price Guarantee: Trusted Travel ensures that customers always see the best prices available for the selected parking service, making sure they get the most competitive rates.

  6. Trusted Score: The platform assigns a Trusted Score to all the parking services it compares. This score serves as an indicator of the reliability and quality of each service, allowing customers to book with peace of mind.

By providing these features, Trusted Travel aims to simplify the process of finding and booking airport parking, offering customers convenience, cost-effectiveness, and a trustworthy booking experience.

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UK Airport Parking Prices

Airport Average 8 day Parking Price Average Daily Parking Price
Manchester Airport Parking £72.50 £6.99
Gatwick Airport Parking £104.99 £10.88
Stansted Airport Parking £97.50 £10.50
Heathrow Airport Parking £112.99 £14.65
Luton Airport Parking £82.99 £8.50
East Midlands Airport Parking £88.50 £7.67
Aberdeen Airport Parking £64.99 £6.98
Birmingham Airport Parking £88.99 £9.80
Bournemouth Airport Parking £64.99 £6.50
Bristol Airport Parking £72.99 £7.80
Cardiff Airport Parking £64.99 £7.88
Doncaster Sheffield Airport Parking £78.99 £9.20
Durham Tees Valley Airport Parking £54.99 £6.49
Edinburgh Airport Parking £37.99 £4.95
Exeter Airport Parking £90.00 £7.50
Glasgow International Airport Parking £47.99 £5.50
Glasgow Prestwick Airport Parking £39.99 £4.79
Humberside Airport Parking £55.99 £5.50
Inverness Airport Parking £38.50 £4.50
Leeds Bradford Airport Parking £70.99 £6.80
Liverpool Airport Parking £39.99 £4.50
London City Airport Parking £78.99 £7.85
Newcastle Airport Parking £54.99 £6.50
Southampton Airport Parking £78.99 £8.70
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What Are The Different Types Of Airport Parking?

Meet & Greet

If you want the complete hassle free option then use a Meet and Greet service. A fully insured chauffeur will meet you at your terminal then drive your car to a closely located highly secure car park. On your return trip your chauffeur will bring your car back to the terminal for you. This option is of great benefit to people who want to drop off and pick up their car as close to the terminal as possible.

Park & Ride

If you prefer to park a little further away for a bit cheaper Park & Ride is the option for you. The car parks we use are all rigorously checked meaning your car will be well looked after. Once you have parked (or handed over your keys), take a shuttle bus to your terminal. On the way back jump on the shuttle bus back to the car park. Park and rides are normally cheaper as they are not within the airport boundaries.

On Airport

This is a great option for those who wish to be close to the terminal as the carpark is within the airport boundaries. Almost all on site car parks are within a short walking distance of the terminals, although some may require a shuttle bus. If a shuttle bus is needed to the terminal the transfer journey will be very short. These on airport car parks are usually priced between Meet and Greet and Park and Ride products.