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We invite you to take a pause ahead of your flight and to eat, drink and relax in style

Escape the hustle and bustle of airport life and unwind in comfort, peace and style for a truly relaxing pre-flight experience.

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Airport Lounges
You will have access to the lounge up to three hours before your flight.

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Here at Trusted Travel our customers truly are the most important thing. No matter what the circumstance we will put you first, Trust that Trusted Travel will always put you and your travel experience first.

Airport Lounges with Trusted Travel

Book high quality, modern Airport Lounges with Trusted Travel and enjoy complimentary food and drink in a relaxing and comfortable environment before your flight.

Airports can be stressful places especially with the process of checking in and going through security areas. Departure lounges are very busy and loud, not the best place to unwind before your flight. Problems with finding seating for yourself and people you are travelling with is also common and when you do find one they aren't comfortable and are sometimes dirty from the previous passenger. The cost of eating and drinking in the airport is also quite high as with a captive audience the airports restaurants and bars can pretty much charge what they want.

So why not start your holiday in style and avoid the hustle and bustle of the main departure lounge with quality modern Airport Lounge with complimentary food and drink including alcoholic beverages. With Trusted Travel you can book cheap airport lounges at Manchester Airport, Gatwick, Glasgow, Birmingham and all the other UK airports, we also provide International Airport Lounges for your return journey.

Modern International Airport Lounge

Why book an Airport Lounge

Airport Lounges are a fantastic way to start your holiday and probably a lot cheaper than you think. Why fight for an uncomfortable seat and spend ages queueing up when you can chill out in an airport lounge with complimentary snacks and beverages. For the amount you will probably spend on a couple of drinks and a meal in the main terminal you can prebook your airport lounge and enjoy snacks and beverages including alcoholic drinks, some airport lounges even offer a hot meal.

More than just Food and Alcohol in an Airport Lounge

Great food and drink is not the only reason to book an Airport Lounge though. Lounge seats are so much more comfortable than whats on offer in the main departure lounge, cushioned comfortable seats await you in the lounge with less time spent scouring the airport for a couple of seats together. The lounges also provide numerous entertainment options including complimentary newspapers, magazines, TV's, wireless broadband and some even have gaming stations with headphones for the kids.

Important information to read before booking an Airport Lounge

If you are thinking of purchasing a visit to an airport lounge there are a few things to look out for. Hen parties and Stag do’s are not normally allowed and airport lounges usually have a maximum group size of between 5 - 9 people. Some airport lounges also don’t allow children under 18 years of age and the ones that do require children under a certain age to have adult supervision. If you have any queries about airport lounges please contact us at [email protected] and we will be more than to help.

International Airport Lounges for your return journey

Trusted Travel also supply International Airport Lounges in hundreds of destintations around the world including Thailand, Las Vegas, Barcelona, Mexico and Australia. So get rid of those holiday blues and treat yourself with something to look forward to on your journey home by chilling out and enjoying some of the local hospitality in an International Airport Lounge.